Please feel free to reach out to us to get help, ask questions, and provide feedback about Ponder. We would love to hear from you.

How can I submit a bug report, feature request, or other question?

To submit an issue request, please send an email to and include following information:
  1. Summarize the issue description in the email subject.

    Example Bug subject: “Bug: Timeout/Connection Error when loading large file”

    Example Feature Request subject: “Feature: enable users to upload files to S3”

  2. Describe the issue/bug or requested feature in the email body.

  3. If applicable, explain the steps to reproduce the bug and provide any code snippet, data, and examples. You can also attach screenshots to the issue.

We will respond to the submitted issue as soon as we recieve them, generally within 1~3 business days. In the meawhile, you can check out our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.